Power supply safety recall

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PurpleAir is committed to producing safe, reliable air quality sensors and we take any incident reports from our customers very seriously. As you may know, as of January 24, 2019, PurpleAir has received twenty-six reports in the United States of instances where the power supply model number RKPO-UL052000C emitted sparks or smoke. In response to these reports, PurpleAir is notifying all customers of a voluntary safety recall in which PurpleAir will replace power supply model number RKPO-UL052000C free of charge. This power supply model number was shipped with PA-II and PA-II-SD air quality sensors prior to August 3, 2018.

We understand that some customers purchased multiple air sensors and distributed them to volunteers and participants in air monitoring initiatives. We do not have contact information for those who received air sensors in this manner. If you or your organization distributed PA-II or PA-II-SD air sensors to others, we ask for your assistance to inform the recipients of the importance of replacing power supply model number RKPO-UL052000C. We ask that you send us the names and contact information of those who received a PA-II or PA-II-SD air sensor through your organization and we will distribute this letter and power supply replacement information to everyone on your list. Or, if you prefer, you can let us know how many air sensors you distributed and you can forward this email to those recipients.


Consumers should immediately cease using the power supply model number RKPO-UL052000C shipped with PA-II or PA-II-SD air sensors and do the following to receive a replacement power supply:

  1. Disconnect each current power supply from the outlet and PurpleAir Sensor;
  2. Cut off both cords on each end of the power supply to prevent it from being used by anyone;
  3. Take a picture of each destroyed power supply, label side up, with the cables cut off;
  4. Email a picture of each destroyed power supply to powersupplies@purpleair.com, with “Proof of Destruction” in the subject line;
  5. Include the following in the body of the email:
    1. Your name
    2. Address where the new power supply should be sent
    3. Air Sensor ID (printed on the label) for each unit included in this request
    4. Confirm the quantity of power supplies (a photo of each destroyed power supply should be attached to the email)
    5. Any other relevant information you want to include.
  6. Recycle the destroyed power supplies and cables in compliance with your local regulations. If you are not sure how or where to do this, your local electronics store may have information on recycling electronics or you may find information about local recycling by searching online;

Once we receive your email with proof of destruction and requesting replacement(s), we will begin processing your request and will provide you one or more replacements within seven (7) days of your request or as soon thereafter as practicable.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

The PurpleAir team

www.PurpleAir.com/recall | 1-800-474-0696 | powersupplies@purpleair.com


This voluntary recall is being done in partnership with the CPSC and Health Canada. The CPSC notice can be found here and Health Canada's notice here.