Sensor data download tool

This tool allows you to download PurpleAir sensor data in CSV format for selected sensors.

Important announcement

PurpleAir is in the process of migrating it's data to use Google's BigQuery as the background storage instead of

The result of this change will not affect this tool since it will be updated to use the new data source, but it will affect any users who directly use ThingSpeak's API to get historic data.

Users will need to start using the new "history" features in when they are released as the ThingSpeak service will stop working. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Select: Start Date: End Date: Average (minutes):

For information on the data and API's provided by PurpleAir, please see this document:

Please note: This download tool now provides corrected headers for CF=1 and CF=ATM values. See the above link for more information.